Early Intervention

Infants to 3 1/2 years

Early Intervention works in partnership with families to maximize their children’s learning opportunities.  We support families who have children experiencing delays in two or more areas of development or who have been diagnosed with a disability.


  • support the development of strong, healthy families
  • respond to family’s needs and priorities to maximize their child’s learning opportunities
  • build on the abilities of the child and family

Family Services

Children up to 17 years

Family Services believes that all children thrive in a nurturing family and a supportive community. We recognize that families may need additional support to keep a healthy balance and positive outlook. Family Services is able to assist families who have a Family Support for Children with Disabilities agreement.

Supports we may be able to provide are:

  • Respite/Host Home services
  • Work related Child Care and Community Aids support
  • Summer program
  • Transition planning for youths who are approaching adulthood
  • Opportunities to meet and network with other families
  • Behavioural/Developmental consultation services

Community Living

Adults from 18 years

  • Designed to incorporate each person’s unique goals and personalities
  • Ranges from 24-hour staffing assistance to flexible support when required
  • Includes creative planning focused on developing the lives that individuals wish to live
  • Assists in forming meaningful connections within the community
  • Engages natural supports in the community to help people develop lasting and meaningful relationships

Community Living believes that the best way for people to reach their full potential is to follow their passions and goals. For adults with developmental disabilities, it is often difficult to create the life they want without the support of others. Community Living strives to provide that support in a way that is respectful to the uniqueness and gifts of each individual.