About Transitions

Transitions is a not-for-profit organization that has been Building New Tomorrows since 1978. With clear vision and commitment, we are committed to offering services that are person and family centered.

Our teams promote an atmosphere of fun and creativity with the belief that this leads to better outcomes for everyone. We strive for excellence every day.

Located in St. Albert, Alberta we offer services within our community as well as various areas of Edmonton and Sturgeon County.


Transitions is a leader in the human services sector, working to foster a community where people with disabilities are valued citizens.


To provide services to people with disabilities, enabling them to enjoy independence and a quality of life they choose by building on individual strengths and abilities.

Key Outcomes

For Supports

  • People are supported to be leaders of their own lives
  • People have many types and kinds of relationships
  • People are assisted to be citizens of their communities with all the rights and responsibilities this involves
  • People are supported to be safe and healthy

For Employees

  • Staff are committed to the work of the Association and share our values and beliefs
  • Staff are motivated to excel and morale is consistently high
  • There will be a sufficient number of skilled staff in all areas of the organization