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Transitions is a leader and employer of choice in the human services sector, working to foster a community where people with disabilities are valued citizens.

To provide services to people with disabilities, enabling them to enjoy independence and a quality of life they choose by building on individual strengths and abilities.

Building New Tomorrows
Key Outcomes: Individuals / Families

  • People are supported to be leaders of their own lives
  • People have many types and kinds of relationships
  • People are assisted to be citizens of their communities with all the rights and responsibilities this involves
  • People are supported to be safe and healthy

Key Outcomes: Employees

  • There are sufficient number of skilled staff in all areas of the organization at all times to meet demand/need
  • There is a good match between staff and Transition’s philosophies, beliefs and vision
  • Staff are committed to their work and the Association and are motivated to achieve
  • Staff morale is consistently high

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